Cape Breton University to Host 2011 AUS Women’s Volleyball Championship

The Department of Athletics at Cape Breton University announced that they will host the 2011 Subway AUS Women’s Volleyball Championship, February 18-20 at the Sullivan Fieldhouse. This Championship will build on CBU’s history of being a host venue for top quality events. For more information visit

Current Exhibit

The CBU Art Gallery’s current exhibition, The Colour of Light III by local artist, Doug Fraser,  runs until January 28, 2011, so make sure to spend some time in the gallery before it ends.

The Colour of Light III

The Colour of Light III

The gallery is open Monday -Friday 10am – 4pm.

For more images from the opening check out “CBU art” on Facebook.

Raising the Roof at Caper Convenience

Having a winter toque is something we all take for granted and probably have more than one of, but some do not have such a luxury,nor the luxury of having a roof over their head. CBU is now playing a part in a campaign to support the prevention of youth homelessness, entitled “Raising the Roof”, as the “Raising the Roof” toques are currently on sale at Caper Convience.

Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof

Check out the campaign at :

All proceeds go back into the CBRM for initiatives to prevent youth homelessness.

We Value You!

Cape Breton University values its students. That is why the CBUSU plays host to Student Appreciation Day! Being held tomorrow, November 30th, there will be many free activities for students including caricatures, mini manicures, time to lounge and play X Box as well as the Movember Pageant at noon. There will also be tea, coffee and cookies to warm you from the winter chill. Everything happens between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m..

CBU Coffee House – Take 2

Tomorrow will mark the second coffee house held by the CBU Art Gallery.

CBU Art Gallery

CBU Art Gallery

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 from 11 – 3:30 pm

There will be music and complementary treats and coffee.

Also, local artist Moringstarr Pinto from Reloved Design will have her work on display :

as well as the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design :

It is a positive collaboration between the local arts community and the CBU gallery, available for all staff, students and public alike.

For Pictures from the event check out CB Art on Facebook :

CBU Stretches

The brand new Cape Breton Health & Wellness Facility offers Yoga Classes!

The schedule is:

Tuesday 9am

Tuesday 12:00noon

Thursday 12:00noon

Be sure to take some time for yourself in the brand new facility with this beneficial form of exercise. Grab a group of your friends and make a point to fit at least one class a week in your schedule! These classes are just an example of all of the great opportunities for exercise and well being that the Facility offers. Head over and check out the facility and its services today!

Remaining Green

CBUSU celebrated Green Week this year.

Be Green

image source:

Although the hype of “green” may not be so in our face these days it is still vital to remember and thanks are warranted to the SU for continuing the support and attention that our environment deserves.

Included in Green Week were booths and information sessions available for students to take part in.

Rember the three R’s and keep the “green” spirit alive!

Any further questions can be directed to Daniel MacDonald at

Trail Mix

Before the snow hits Cape Breton, MIX -up your daily routine and take to the trails! The hiking trails that is. There are a number of trails available and all are perfect to get you outside in the fresh air, before our outdoor time amounts to running rapidly to and from the car or residence.

The Baille Arde trail :,

image source:

Peter’s Field Provincial Park on Route 239 in Sydney,

and the Coxheath Wilderness Trails in Coxheath are a few!!

You could even head over to CBU’S brand new track for a few laps in the brisk fall air !

Cautions to be remembered: Dress Warmly and go with a partner or tell someone where and when you are going!

Caper Times – up with the times.

CBU’S Campus paper, Caper Times, has seen a great resurgence this year.



Under a new editor and donning a new logo, its content is fresh and it hits home with the student body. Check out the online version and more at


Reading and staying knowledgeable about “what’s new” in Cape Breton is made possible and accessible through CBU Press.

CBU Press

Established in 1974 as the College of Cape Breton Press, CBU Press serves as a link between the Cape Breton University and its broader communities, publishing literature of significance to Cape Breton Island.

Keeping our minds active with literature, especially topics surrounding Cape Breton, is vital to continued growth and development. With books, we are always building our knowledge base, to stimulate further senses, thoughts and topics.

Thanks to the CBU press, we can read and learn more about Cape Breton Island, its people and places.

Watch for new book launches throughout the year. The latest book to be released is, Distinction Earned. This book chronicles Cape Breton’s Love Affair with Boxing.

Check out the CBU Press at